TREND SS18- Crayola Brights

It’s time to go back to Primary School and re-discover Crayola. This Spring and Summer, the bright, popping colour palette is a must-have trend to follow!

The likes of ACNE Studios, Calvin Klein and Versace has showcased this in their latest collection shows; but of course these carry some hefty price tags. Luckily your trusty high street brands are on hand with your Crayola Brights!


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Winter Coats AW17

In the winter there’s nothing better than cosying up in a big thick coat, especially when it not only keeps you warm but it is also super cute. Like last year the puffer jackets is big this year as is faux fur; from just the lining and hoods to the whole coat. The formal coat has also made a comeback for its 5th or 6th year.

When you walk into any store at the moment you are greeted with an array and fabrics, textures and styles of coats, and with so many to choose from it can be super hard to know what to choose! I’ve collated by top 10 favourite coats of this AW17/18 to make your decision just that little bit easier.

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My Changing Room Faves

Shopping. Every girls favourite thing to do right? For me the best things always seem come into stock in my favourite stores the week before pay-day and find myself half regretting my spending decisions from earlier in the month because now I can’t afford this top that I love so much, or saying that necklace just looks so beautiful I just wish I hadn’t bought that Starbucks last week.

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