Step Out Your Comfort Zone

Sometimes it’s easy to get in stuck in a rut of wearing only things you feel comfortable in. I’m a prime example of this; a usual outfit for me is a pair of Jamie Jeans (usually blue), a top and nowadays trainers topped off with a comfy jumper or jacket of some sort. I live for comfort so find it hard to step out of my comfort zone.
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My Changing Room Faves

Shopping. Every girls favourite thing to do right? For me the best things always seem come into stock in my favourite stores the week before pay-day and find myself half regretting my spending decisions from earlier in the month because now I can’t afford this top that I love so much, or saying that necklace just looks so beautiful I just wish I hadn’t bought that Starbucks last week.

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Style Guide: Embroidery Boots at Topshop

A MASSIVE trend this season at Topshop is embroidery. We’ve seen it on Jeans, Tops, Skirts, Jackets and even Boots! This trend has become massive in denim being stand out pieces in practically every store you walk into. It’s even been combined with the seasons massive trend, Velvets. My fave way to see this trend worn however is definitely on boots. Topshop have an amazing range of embroidered boots right now, in a great range of styles too!

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