Winter Coats AW17

In the winter there’s nothing better than cosying up in a big thick coat, especially when it not only keeps you warm but it is also super cute. Like last year the puffer jackets is big this year as is faux fur; from just the lining and hoods to the whole coat. The formal coat … Continue reading Winter Coats AW17


Step Out Your Comfort Zone

Sometimes it's easy to get in stuck in a rut of wearing only things you feel comfortable in. I'm a prime example of this; a usual outfit for me is a pair of Jamie Jeans (usually blue), a top and nowadays trainers topped off with a comfy jumper or jacket of some sort. I live … Continue reading Step Out Your Comfort Zone


Remember in primary school when your teacher used to send you off to write a story about anything you wanted, and you wouldn’t have to even think about what you were going to write; Your imagination just ran free? But maybe as you grew older it’d be harder and harder to think of things to … Continue reading Dreams