Remember in primary school when your teacher used to send you off to write a story about anything you wanted, and you wouldn’t have to even think about what you were going to write; Your imagination just ran free? But maybe as you grew older it’d be harder and harder to think of things to write, almost as if slowly you were losing your imagination as so much more was expected of you and you learnt things like punctuation, grammar and bigger words. When I was little I really wanted to be an author, writing really ‘exciting’ stories for lots of amazing people. These were the days when little 6-year-old me thought she wanted to be really famous with an ordinary alter ego. Yes, Hannah Montana was my idol. I suppose in a way I’ve stuck to my dream of being an author, in the way with blogging, minus the alter ego and fame.

But in-between I’ve wanted to be so much more; a nurse, a fashion designer and of course a Disney princess (me now ;)). I used to always design schools, making little booklets about the school with timetables, uniforms, clubs, maps and messages from the head teacher. A creative child, I also had creative dreams.

Fast forward to 19 years of age, where I’ve been working towards my dream of becoming part of a fashion ecommerce team for a well-known brand. My A Levels were shaped around this goal and I even secured a place at the Fashion Retail Academy, strengthen my knowledge on digital marketing specifically in the fashion industry (one of the hardest industries to get into). Half way into this amazing course I was given the opportunity to become an intern at Coast-Stores for 3 weeks. The best three weeks of my life by far. Coming away from the perfect opportunity I have learnt so many skills I wouldn’t have just picked up from doing the course alone. I was given real input into the team, completing real tasks for professional use. What’s more it gave me the opportunity to start networking with people in the industry. Having just graduated, I’ve come away from the experience with the ability to flourish in the knowledge and skills learnt as well as having made some amazing friendships.

I even started a job at Topshop to gain essential retail experience. A definite step forwards towards my dream, guiding me towards taking more steps, whether that be more internships, a university degree or a full time job (hit me up if you need a digital marketer ;)).

I may only be half way to my dream, but I know I can do it. Who knows where I’ll be this time next year.

Dreams can always come true if you put your mind to it, anything is possible. Don’t give up on your dreams no matter how big or small.  ❤

Love Emily x


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