My Changing Room Faves

Shopping. Every girls favourite thing to do right? For me the best things always seem come into stock in my favourite stores the week before pay-day and find myself half regretting my spending decisions from earlier in the month because now I can’t afford this top that I love so much, or saying that necklace just looks so beautiful I just wish I hadn’t bought that Starbucks last week.

My solution to this is to try on all these lovely pieces telling myself, if this all looks good I’ll buy all it next month (this however rarely happens and most of the money once again gets spent on  food and only a few pieces are bought!). So instead I create outfits and take pictures of them, sharing the on Instagram with captions such as “why didn’t I buy these” or “can’t wait for payday”, but it’s also nice to be able to see these items that I love and the outfits I put together, giving me a little glimmer of hope that one day i’ll be able afford it all!

I’ve saved up all these ‘changing room selfies’ and thought I’d share my current favourites with you, maybe it’ll give you outfit inspo, or just make a fool out of myself, who knows! it’s all either Topshop or Zara, who are killing it this SS17!!!


TOPSHOP Lather Biker Jacket, Green Lace Body and Ripped Joni Jeans


Zara Bright Orange Jumper


ZARA Embroidered Tee


ZARA Tie Up Tee


TOPSHOP Playsuit & Tee


ZARA Sweatshirt


What’s your favourite outfit, and what’s more, where’s your fave place to shop right now?


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