Pink, Sparkles & Disney- Favourites

A big fan of all things pink, sparkly and Disney, my favourites are probably the most girly you’ve ever seen. I think of these of more my homeware favourites, as even though they feature a Katie Loxton Clutch and Steve Madden Heels, they are so beautiful, they’re basically on display in my room!

To show my favourites i have put together some flat lays, because who doesn’t love a good flat lay to show off their things nicely!

As Disney’s number 1 fan, I of course favour my 2 sets of Minnie Mouse Ears. Both full of sparkles, they are perfect for me! I display these on my shelf with all my other Disney related treasures. Both these sets of ears come from the Disney Parks themselves. I wore the pinks ones everyday on my trip to Disneyland Paris last year. The Classic Red and Black ears I was given by boyfriend after his trip to the Disney Parks in America.

Keeping with the Disney theme, let’t talk about my Disney picture/ framed sign. A gift for my 18th Birthday from my boyfriend, this adorable framed sign is printed with the unmistakable classic Disney Castle, and my name spelt out in Disney Princesses. The name ‘BEM’ is spelt out as Belle, Elsa and Minnie, which in my option are the best of all the princesses! This is also displayed on my shelf alongside the ears, in fact, the sign acts as a centre piece to the ears.

My silver Katie Loxton Clutch, yet to be taken out because its so pretty! Since I was gifted it, it has been on display in my room. It is, by far though my favourite going out bag, even if i haven’t used it for its purpose!

As a helping hand with my  exciting assignments and work at the Fashion Retail Academy I became the proud owner of my Macbook. It also has the incentive to help me get back into blogging as having my own laptop gives me limited excuses as to why I can’t write a blog post on a train journey to my lectures or when I have a spare 5 minutes. I have my MacBook in a pretty pink shell case, with a pink wallpaper (is that what it’s called?) and pink sticky notes with my blogging notes on it. It’s basically a pink takeover!

For my boyfriend and I’s One year, he bought me a Lovebook which is basically a illustrated book of love, made up of notes or reasons and little stick people, but he also added blank pages and stuck his own pictures and wrote little notes to make it even more special. Its honestly the cutest thing ever, and I love just sitting and flicking through it every now and then.

Every girl has that one pair of heels that they absolutely love and cherish right? Well I’ve found that love in my Silver Steve Madden Heels. Simple in design, it is the colour and prettiness that makes them stand out. Im a sucker for anything sparkly or metallic, so these shoes are literally perfect. the heel height is about 5-6″ but due to the platform they’re fairly easy to walk in, and make me the same height as everyone else around me, so its a win-win situation really!


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